Serendipity Frrrozen Hot Chocolate

Mother/Daughter Time: Serendipity

My daughter and I exercised then split a Serendipity Frozen Hot Chocolate topped with whipped cream. What could have been better than chocolate and family?

Located in New York City and Boca Raton, Florida, Serendipity restaurants offer a full menu, but their “Frrrozen Hot Chocolate is their specialty. Unlike a chocolate milkshake, the cocoa delivers a dark, rich flavor and ice provides refreshment. I like this recipe because other variations include ice cream.

Unexpectedly, we felt rejuvenated after indulging and that allowed us to skip a heavy dinner. Was it serendipity?

Daily Post Prompt: Better

"I Love Lucy" Lucille Ball Promotes Vitameatavegamin

When Television Shows Were Innocent

I was touched when my daughter gave me a framed “I Love Lucy” photo that she recently  won at an event. It reminded me that we watched “I Love Lucy” reruns when she was five-years old. It was special because I introduced her to the comedy that I grew up with and loved.

When I was young we watched “Leave it to Beaver” and “Father Knows Best”. The media promoted family, fun and moral fortitude.

Today, parents must monitor television shows and commercials to prevent their children from being exposed to vile language and sex. What happened to our society?

Did the media change us, or did our lax morals change the media?

Bonding With My Son

Billiard Balls Racked for Eight Ball

Billiard Balls Racked for Eight Ball (photo by dorothyadele)

If you enter my home on a dreary day, you may hear the crack of a billiard break or see the brightly colored red, yellow, orange, purple, blue, green and black billiard balls scatter on the purple pool table. You may also hear a Ping-Pong-table-tennis ball smack the table, the wall or me. You may also hear loud ha has, woo hoos, oh nos and very long uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhs– like fans chant at football games preventing the players from hearing their signals.

I have always been “one of the guys.” Consequently, I have a unique and special relationship with my son. We play chess, Ping Pong and billiards during inclement weather. We play to win and we laugh often.

Chess is one of my favorite games and I was unbeaten for years. When I was in fourth grade, I played on the high school chess team. When I play chess with my son we split the wins. Of course it is not about winning but about fun and bonding. Okay, we like  winning  too!

To play billiards, a player uses a cue stick and hits a white cue ball into at least one of 15 balls directing them into one of the six pockets on a pool table. Eight of the balls are solid and seven are striped.

When we play Eight Ball billiards, one player shoots the solid balls–not the eight ball– and one player has the striped balls. The players take turns and the object of the game is to shoot all of their seven balls into the pockets and then pocket the eight ball last. If the eight ball rolls into a pocket before the player pockets all of his balls, that player loses the game. The player also loses if he hits the cue ball into a pocket while shooting the eight ball.

When it is my turn to shoot, if I am winning–which isn’t often– my son plays the pool table like bongo drums, yells the uhhhhhh chant, and jumps up and down trying to make me miss my shot. Of course I laugh, miss the shot and he wins. I also attempt to distract him to make him miss too.  When I occasionally win, I tease him that I will tell his friends that his pool-

Ping Pong Table Tennis Table

Ping Pong Table Tennis Table (photo by dorothyadele)

shark mother beat him in billiards. I also threaten that I will have his school announce that he lost to his mother over the public address system.

When we play Ping Pong, my son slices the ball with his paddle and the ball bounces on my side of the net and then bounces back into the net out of my reach. My only hope to return the ball  is to belly flop on the table and hope that it doesn’t collapse from my weight. I barely flick it over the net and he slams it back sometimes hitting me!

Our games are humorous, lively and loud, and you can hear us throughout our home. Playing these competitive  games has strengthened our relationship, and I cherish every moment.

Labor Day, a Melancholy End to Summer

I have mixed feelings about Labor Day. As I jog in a Delaware beach resort, I feel a little sad. I had the opportunity to live with my college-age daughter for the summer. There were a few mother and daughter glitches, but I loved having her home. She packed and left for school this morning. It left me feeling empty.

 Tourists are gone, vacancy signs appear and it is quiet. This used to be my favorite time at the beach before my children became school age. I fondly remember,  when I stayed at the beach through most of the fall with my daughter (my husband came for long weekends). 

A special memory involves my mother-in- law. We lived at the beach (at separate residences) for several weeks. My daughter needed a crib. We shopped for a crib and spent an evening assembling it. We talked, laughed and worked. It was a special time. 

In a few years, my husband and I will be able to live at the beach for the fall, when my son goes  to college.  As much as I love fall at the shore, I am already sad that he will be gone. I never imagined the speed of time.

 I look forward to the fall school and sports routine. It gets me back on track after a wonderful summer.