Fenwick Island, Delaware

Route 1 Dover, Delaware

If heading to or from the Maryland/Delaware beaches this week 6/14/17-6/19/17, the Firefly Music Festival will cause heavy traffic along Route 1 near Dover, Delaware.

Fenwick Island Beach Replenishment

Beware: Fenwick Island Beach Replenishment 2013

Beach replenishment has begun in Fenwick Island. It is  necessary to maintain our beaches, but why is it scheduled during the height of the tourist season?  According to sources, The Town of Fenwick Island has no control over the beach replenishment schedule.


Warning Issued in Bethany Beach, DE to Bicyclist That Slowed for a Stop Sign

Crime Scene Evidence

A police officer issued my husband, Doug, a warning in Bethany Beach two days ago when he slowed for a stop sign at Atlantic and Garfield Parkway  while  he rode his bike.  Yes, it is the type that you pedal. It was 9:30 a.m., and Doug said that there was minimal pedestrian and car traffic.  The officer who stopped him said that Delaware received a federal grant for bicycle safety.  He said that Delaware treats bicycles like cars. ( I guess that a 10 minute ride through Bethany just turned into an hour. On the bright side,  you can impress your friends that you rode your bike for an hour and they will think that you rode  for several miles, when you actually just stopped at every stop sign!)

Since Doug does not carry his license when he rides his bike, (imagine that) the police officer gave him a warning. The officer asked him for his address and of course Doug gave him the correct address. How would the officer know if the address  was accurate if the accused does not have identification?  Does this make any sense? 

This is information on the federal grant for Delaware.  It seems irrelevant to this situation. Is this another way for Bethany Beach to raise revenue?

On a positive note, it is an entertaining story for a dinner party!

One Coastal Delicatessen, Fenwick Island, DE, Great Food!

One Coastal Delicatessen

 Check out One Coastal Delicatessen at 101-6 Coastal Highway in Fenwick Island, DE. If you proceed north on Route 1 from Ocean City, go 2 blocks from Route 54 (the Maryland/Delaware line), and it is on your right next to Ruddo’s Golf Store. Locals, councilmen and business owners frequent One Coastal. (Don’t you think that says it all?) The owners, Randy and his mother Bernadette, and staff  accommodate their customers and are very friendly. For example, before they had a juicer, Randy hand-squeezed orange crushes on request.  Isn’t that great service?

 My husband and I like the Edamame. They are crisp, tender and tossed with a little kosher salt. In addition, One Coastal offers Pulled Pork Tacos, Baked Coconut Shrimp and Scallops to name a few of their Small Bites.

 Old Bay Broth flavors their steamed mussels, shrimp, clams and crab legs. I tried the mussels and they were tender and the Old Bay enhanced them with a “steamed crab taste”.

 My husband loves the Italian Sandwich. Imported mortadella, parma cotto, ham, genoa salami, capicola and provolone pack a homemade hoagie bun. Seasoned evoo tops off the meat and cheese. It hits the spot after a long beach day.

 The Caprese Salad combines fresh local greens and tomatoes with fresh basil and homemade mozzarella in a balsamic redux. The mozzarella melts in your mouth. The tangy balsamic redux  compliments the tomatoes, greens and cheese. 

 Organic greens, local strawberries, walnuts and goat cheese, with the dressing of your choice, compose the Summer Salad. Creamy goat cheese melds with sweet strawberries and crunchy walnuts for this unique delicious salad.

 One Coastal serves several dinners, among them are Meaty Lasagna, Seafood Salad, Half Chicken and Dogfish Mussels. They also serve several sandwiches that include a Muffuletta, Coastal Club and Veggie Delight.

 Salads, meat and cheese displayed in their deli case are available for take home.

 I have to grab dinner,  see you there!



Labor Day, a Melancholy End to Summer

I have mixed feelings about Labor Day. As I jog in a Delaware beach resort, I feel a little sad. I had the opportunity to live with my college-age daughter for the summer. There were a few mother and daughter glitches, but I loved having her home. She packed and left for school this morning. It left me feeling empty.

 Tourists are gone, vacancy signs appear and it is quiet. This used to be my favorite time at the beach before my children became school age. I fondly remember,  when I stayed at the beach through most of the fall with my daughter (my husband came for long weekends). 

A special memory involves my mother-in- law. We lived at the beach (at separate residences) for several weeks. My daughter needed a crib. We shopped for a crib and spent an evening assembling it. We talked, laughed and worked. It was a special time. 

In a few years, my husband and I will be able to live at the beach for the fall, when my son goes  to college.  As much as I love fall at the shore, I am already sad that he will be gone. I never imagined the speed of time.

 I look forward to the fall school and sports routine. It gets me back on track after a wonderful summer.

What Would You Remove From Hurricane Irene’s Path?

Storm path

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What is the most valuable item in your home? As I batten down the hatches to prepare for Irene, I think about the material items that I would not want to lose in a worst-case scenario.  Obviously, I want my family, friends, neighbors and pets safe, but what about material things?

My most important items are not clothes, jewelry or electronics. They can be replaced and are meaningless. When I prepare for an impending hurricane, by evacuating,  I take my family pictures.  I would be sad, if I lost pictures of the children when they were young. These are pictures that were not backed up on my computer. Now that those pictures are out of Irene’s path, I think that I will scan them!

On the other hand, there is a terrible picture of my husband and me taken on vacation many years ago.  I wore high-waisted shorts (which were stylish in the 1980’s I might add), and I looked  like Steve Urkel with long blond hair. My husband sported large horn-rimmed glasses and resembled Poindexter.  We looked like supreme nerds in the picture. I don’t know why I did not trash it many years ago. Can you guess which picture I forgot?

Leonberger Dog

Update on my Dog’s Illness at the Maryland/Delaware Beaches

Does your pet become ill when you visit the Maryland/Delaware beaches? My dog has had stomach issues, and had been on intravenous therapy twice during these vacations. I think that we finally discovered the cause.

I believe that the chemicals in the drinking water on the Maryland/Delaware Eastern Shore are strong and affect his health. In desperation, I gave him  filtered water and his problem cleared up. I would love to know if anyone else has had a dog become sick drinking heavily-chlorinated water. I am wondering if  his breed is more sensitive. Thoughts?

Unique Gift Shop in Bethany Beach

Do you need a gift for a friend or host?  Do you want something different for yourself? Whether you live at the beach, the city or suburbia, Sea Level Designs is a great store to browse and shop in South Bethany, DE.
They stock coastal themed merchandise for your home and your friend’s home.  Throws, colorful indoor and outdoor rugs, tropical lamps, figurines, tableware, night lights, wall decor, etc., are displayed throughout the store.

Are you concerned that you are not ready for Christmas and the holidays? Sea Level Designs has beach themed Christmas, holiday cards, and ornaments. You can address your holiday cards while sitting on the beach, or get a jump on your shopping.

This unique gift shop is worth a stop.


The Cultured Pearl Restaurant Review in Rehobeth Beach

The day that I bought the parking permit, we dined at The Cultured Pearl restaurant in Rehobeth Beach. We arrived about 6:00, and we wanted to eat on the outside rooftop, where they have a Koi pond.

The restaurant was fairly empty, and the host was told, by the host staff, where to seat us. Our host insisted on sitting us right next to another couple (the tables were about 12 inches apart). I felt that I had no privacy, and there were numerous tables available that offered more room. I asked the host if we could sit at another table. He shrugged and made me feel uncomfortable for asking. I guess that he was following orders, and he was new. What happened to customer service? Thank goodness I didn’t need to have a private conversation with my daughter, because that would have been impossible.

Within 5 minutes the other tables that I preferred were seated. I really doubt that these people had reservations, because it was early. The people next to me said that The Cultured Pearl always jams people in.

The food was very good. For an appetizer I enjoyed seared tuna over a tangy seaweed salad. The salad was fresh and the tuna was tender.  My daughter liked the miso soup. We split Eastern Shore edamame. Old Bay, green onion, garlic and lemon coated the edamame. The edamame dish was spicy but greasy.

We enjoyed 3 sushi rolls. The Maryland crab, Mexican and Godzilla rolls. The Maryland crab roll had lump crab, scallions and cucumber. Tuna, tempura bits and spicy mayonnaise filled the Mexican roll. My favorite was the Godzilla roll. It had tempura shrimp, avocado, eel and cream cheese. It was served with eel sauce and togarashi.

I would recommend the Cultured Pearl if you don’t mind close seating.