Parking Permit for Rehobeth Beach Shopping

Every summer, I spend a day or two shopping with my daughter in the city of Rehobeth Beach, Delaware. I like the outlets, but I love shopping on Rehobeth Avenue. You may click on this link for more Rehobeth Beach shopping information.

Tickled Pink, the Lilly Pulitzer store, is our favorite. We also shop in Quiet Storm to buy shorts or a bathing suit for my son. My daughter usually buys a dress or two. At Carlton’s, we can find a Father’s Day gift for my husband. They sell traditional clothing like Vineyard Vines, Tommy Bahama, Patagonia and The North Face. You may click on this link to view their site.They offer apparel for men and women. We also stop in Crysti’s on Baltimore Avenue. They sell attractive and stylish women’s clothing. The sales people are knowledgeable and helpful.

Parking near Rehobeth Avenue has alway been a nightmare. Parking meters are in effect from the Friday before Memorial Day through the second Sunday after Labor Day. They must be fed from 10:00 a.m. to midnight. The charge is $1.50 per hour. They offer 3 hour parking. This link offers more detailed information about Rehobeth.

In the past, I have cut my shopping and dining time short because I was nervous about my meter expiring. The parking meter dictators watch the meters like vultures, and if you are a minute over, they are happy to write a $30.00 ticket.

The meters now accept credit cards. Previously, you had to beg the store keepers for change to feed the meters and chances are, they would not give it to you.

But this year, I did something different. I paid $8.00 for a daily parking permit. I was able to park in a residential area for the day. We shopped, relaxed and dined in Rehobeth Beach. It was better than worrying about feeding the meter. I will buy a parking pass on all future trips!

Ocean City’s Best and Unique Pizza – Ponzetti’s

We love Ponzetti’s pizza. There is something in the sauce that makes it unique and the most delicious pizza in Ocean City.

When my family visits the beach, we plan on a night to have Ponzetti’s pizza. When we are not in town, we crave it!

The crust is crispy and there is also plenty of gooey cheese. Ponzetti’s offers several toppings. You can choose from pepperoni, onions, extra cheese, sweet peppers. sausage, mushrooms, black olives, fresh ground beef, pineapple, hot peppers, ham, chicken fresh garlic and bacon. We usually order pepperoni and/or vegetable pizza.

No matter what you prefer, you can’t go wrong.

If you don’t want pizza, Ponzetti’s offers appetizers, soups, salads, Italian dinners, subs, sandwiches and homemade desserts.


Latest News on Route 54 Construction

This is an update on Route 54 construction.  I spoke to Mark Harbeson, who is in charge. He said: “The goal is to get out by Memorial Day next  year. Better to have one rough summer than continue into next summer.” He also said that the contractor has worked to move things up like building the retaining wall early.

The purpose of the construction is to build a center lane for traffic turning left. They are also building side walks and bike lanes. They don’t want to stop in the summer because they will lose 3 months. They can’t pave in the winter because the road will fall part easier. Also, weather is a factor,

The construction will continue from 7:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Monday – Thursday. They will not shut down a lane on Fridays. There will be no work on weekends or holidays. 

I asked him about working at night. He said that they would have to send a survey to the homeowners who would be affected by the noise. I thought that the homeowners might grant  permission since they are also affected by the construction traffic.  He said that they might consider sending one out.
He assured me that they were watching the traffic patterns closely and would make changes if  needed.

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Just Hooked On A New Seafood Restaurant In Fenwick

I am Just Hooked on a new restaurant in Fenwick Island, Delaware. The restaurant is located at 1500 coastal Highway.

They serve lunch and dinner. You can find appetizers, soup, salads, sandwiches and burgers on their lunch menu. Their dinner menu features seafood, but it also includes chicken and steak.

Just Hooked is light and airy with a relaxed atmosphere. The food is fresh and flavorful. They advertise local ingredients.

They have a comfortable bar in the center of the restaurant and an open kitchen.

I had fresh grilled asparagus salad for an appetizer. It had shallots, roasted tomato and bacon balsamic vinaigrette. The asparagus was slightly firm and grilled perfectly. I also enjoyed the fresh grilled tuna which was served over arugula, tomato and red onion. My husband and I split key lime pie for dessert. The graham cracker crust was sweet and slightly crunchy, and the custard had a delicious sweet and tart flavor. We loved it. (I could have easily eaten the entire dessert by myself.)

My daughter enjoyed the corn and jalapeño crab bisque and the mussels with bok choy and lemongrass. She also had the soft crab special. The soft crabs were fresh and flavorful.

My son ordered clams with pancetta. spinach, capers and white wine sauce for an appetizer. He also had the jumbo lump crab cakes. They were served with apple slaw and crème fraîche. My children split the strawberry and basil buckle for dessert. It was served warm over vanilla ice cream.

I highly recommend Just Hooked. The food is delicious, and it is reasonably priced!

Can A Trip To The Dentist Be Fun And A Good Customer Experience?


Do you dread the dentist like fingernails on a chalkboard? Does your heart palpitate at the thought of sitting in a dental chair?

Have you ever had fun at the dentist? I have! I go to Page Family Dentistry on Loch Raven Boulevard near Joppa Road. It is a family business, and they care about their customers. They treat their patients like friends.

I have been a patient of  Dr. Page for 17 years. The atmosphere is relaxed but professional. The staff has a great sense of humor, and they usually make me laugh. Have you ever been entertained at your dental office?

More importantly,  Dr. Page has taken care of my children’s teeth since they were old enough to visit a dentist. The staff makes every effort to put children at ease and make it fun. Joy, one of the dental assistants, has a special gift for making the children relax. (She even makes me relax.) Patients can watch television during their checkup. Children are able to spin the wheel at the end of their visit to receive a special prize. My children loved this part.

Photos of their young patients are mounted in the waiting area. My children loved to find their pictures with each visit. It was fun to see how they changed every six months.

Dr. Page moved my children’s teeth without heavy metal braces. They wore a retainer when they were young to make extra room for their teeth. Today, they have beautiful smiles.

Gail, the receptionist is helpful and patient with appointments and billing questions. Susan, my dental hygienist, always asks about my family. I  catch up on her 3 children too.

I am not wild about drills. However, I lost a filling last year. Dr. Page fit me into the schedule immediately. He filled my tooth with minimal discomfort. He was  conscientious that I remained comfortable. I was conscious of my comfort level too!

Over the past 17 years, I have never had to wait long for an appointment. They must be really organized, or I have good timing. If I had to wait, it would not be a problem. There is plenty to read, or I could watch television.

If you live in the Baltimore area, and you are nervous about a dental visit, this could be the place for you!

I brag that it is fun to go to my dentist at Page Family Dentistry. Can you say that about your dentist?


Will Fenwick Island Construction Make Me Gain Weight?

What can we do about Route 54 construction traffic?  I have an idea. Why don’t they work on the road between 12:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m.? A minimal amount of travelers will be effected. What do you think?

Shouldn’t The Delaware Department of Transportation cater to the visitors who support the local businesses? The summer season can make or break a business. Please click on this link to view contact information for Route 54 construction.  Your email or phone call may make a difference.

Is Route 54 construction traffic going to make me gain weight? Am I going to give up going to my favorite gym and become flabbier? Will you hear my arms flapping in the wind?

Am I going to limit my dining at Route 54 restaurants?

No way! I will support the businesses on Route 54. I will frequent Energy Gym. I will go there more often, and maybe I will even become toned by the end of the summer.  One could only hope!

After all that exercise, I will need nutrition and plenty of fluids. I will dine at the Lobster Shanty. They have great food and service plus reasonable prices.  I can eat and enjoy a water view.

I will not let this construction affect my summer activities. I will, however, plan wisely. What are you going to do?

Let’s Stop Route 54 Construction During The Summer Months!

Do you want to sit in a hot car on Route 54 during your vacation to Fenwick Island, Del. or Ocean City, Md.? If you use Route 54, you may spend part of your vacation in your car. Construction is planned on Route 54 during the summer months. 

Let’s take action!  Mark Harbeson is in charge of the project. You can send an email to His phone number is 302-760-2346. You can also send an email to the public relations department at the Delaware Department of Transportation. Lets try to make a difference!

I sent mine!

Summer Resort Highway Construction–Necessity, Poor Planning or Stupidity

Businesses Effected By Construction

How would you like to plan a vacation at your favorite resort and wait in traffic because of construction? I left Baltimore yesterday (the day after Memorial Day) and drove to the beach.

Cars were backed up going west before the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, because they eliminated a west bound lane. Why would they do this around Memorial Day weekend? People left a day late to avoid traffic and still had a backup.

On 113 near Georgetown, Delaware, there was construction for a few miles. Why not do this work off-season?

On Route 54 in Fenwick Island there was more construction. The construction will last all summer. Please click on this link to read the article.

I took these pictures today on Route 54 in Fenwick Island. Can you imagine what it will be like in July and August?  I suspect you will see bumper to bumper traffic. 

Do you think visitors will have a pleasant or poor experience with the construction? Do you think that they will want to return next year? How will business owners fare?

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I Found A Link About Nordstrom’s Unbelievable Service

The exterior of a typical Nordstrom department...

Image via Wikipedia

Please click on this link to read about some of the Nordstrom legends.

I enjoy shopping at Nordstrom.  The salespeople are attentive and knowledgeable.  A few weeks ago I was looking for new spring clothes, and a young lady waited on me who was determined to update my wardrobe. I am a conservative dresser, but she brought me fashionable outfits. We both laughed because the outfits were not my style. The sales lady was determined to sell me something stylish.  I left with some trend-setting items. Her persistence paid off!

What do you think about Nordstrom’s service?


I am pleasantly surprised when I receive great customer service.  This is a blog about  dining, travel and my customer service experiences in the Maryland/Delaware  area.  

Kudos to the businesses that care about us,  however,  I hope that some of the local business owners wake up!

Have you ever been ignored by store personnel and left the store?  I am amazed that in this economy, companies aren’t more customer oriented. What do you think?

Should The Department Of Transportation repair roads  that lead into crowded resorts during the summer?  These repairs can cause major delays,  frustration and  affect tourism.  Untimely road construction can guarantee a poor customer experience . What are your thoughts?