Hotel Commonwealth — Comfortable Luxury

Hotel Commonwealth Lobby

When I return to Hotel Commonwealth in Boston, it is like going home.  Hotel Commonweath is located at 500 Commonwealth Avenue in Boston. It is a small-luxury hotel.

When you exit your cab at Hotel Commonwealth,  conscientious doormen greet you. We visit often, and some of the doormen greet us by name. It is a special feeling.

As you enter the hotel, you are struck by the rich reddish-gold carpeting with gold, blue, green and rose colored-mosaic patterns. As you ascend the  staircase,  you arrive in an elegant lobby. I love enjoying my coffee and reading the paper in the lobby, during the morning, and watching people.

The Green Monster

The rooms have views of Commonwealth Avenue or Fenway Park. You can see the “Green Monster” at Fenway Park from the Fenway rooms. From the Commonwealth rooms, you can watch the cars and pedestrians on Commonwealth Avenue.

Comfortable beds with light-weight-down comforters and four medium-firm pillows furnish the rooms.  I usually don’t sleep well in hotel beds, but I sleep great here.

The amenities in the bathroom include lemon-scented-soy shampoo, shower gel and body lotion from Fresh. They also offer pomegranate hair conditioner.

The hotel has two popular restaurants. Eastern Standard and Island Creek Oyster Bar. At Eastern Standard, you can dine on the patio or in the restaurant. If you choose outdoor dining, you can enjoy people watching on Commonwealth Avenue. If there is a Boston Red Sox game, baseball fans pack the bar and restaurant. One of my favorite appetizers is the steamed mussels prepared with white wine, tomatoes and fennel. It is served with crunchy bread for dipping. I also love their clear chocolate martinis. One of the bartenders gave me the recipe. If you want it, let me know.

Island Creek Oyster Bar is new, but it is known for delicious, fresh seafood. They rely on local farmers and advertise that they use the freshest ingredients. They have a great reputation.

My family visits Boston often, and we stay at Hotel Commonwealth. My daughter played lacrosse at Boston University and we would come to watch her fall and spring lacrosse games. Now, I visit whenever I can.  I can’t think of another hotel where I would feel as comfortable.