Safeway Towson, MD –Where are Their Employees?

At 5:00 on Friday, I stopped by Safeway in Towson to buy some deli products. When I arrived, there was one deli man diligently slicing meat behind the counter, there were two people ahead of me, and one person was behind me in line. After waiting for about five minutes , a woman arrived to help with the deli orders. I noted that there was a man in the back cleaning. I wondered if he should have assisted customers.

As I checked out, I noticed that the man behind the customer service counter (who was also by himself) was juggling answering the phone and the four customers waiting in line. (I was glad that I wasn’t in that line.)

When I payed for my groceries, my cashier told me that she had been at work since 9:00 and hadn’t had a break.

My heart goes out to the employees at the Safeway in Towson. It seems like there is a lot of pressure to wait on customers without sufficient help.

Even though the store is convenient for me, I think twice before frequenting that Safeway, because I am not a big fan of standing in line.


Best Buy Timonium, MD, “One Stop Shopping” Failed

Best Buy in Timonium, MD

My husband, Doug, purchased a television and installation services from Best Buy in Timonium, MD. The install date was Thursday, January 19, 2012.

After the purchase, the salesperson took my husband to the Comcast -in- house center to purchase a HD box from Bob. Bob indicated that he had just given the last HD box away, but he told Doug that others should arrive soon.

Bob took Doug’s phone number and told him that he would call when a HD box arrived. He also gave him a Comcast phone number into the Best Buy store.

Doug did not receive any calls on January 16, 17, or 18. He called the Comcast in- store number about 10 times, there was no answer machine and no one answered the phone.

My husband called the store and waited on hold for about 25 minutes while a kind saleswoman tracked Bob down.

Bob told my husband that they did not have any HD boxes. He added that Comcast would not pay for an answer machine.

On January 18, my husband spoke to a woman from Best Buy who confirmed delivery for January 19, between 8a.m. and 12 p.m.

On January 19, I had a question about the cable, and I called Best Buy. During the call I learned that we were not scheduled for delivery that day.  I changed plans to ensure that I was home. They told me to call dispatch. Don’t you think that it was their job to resolve the problem?

I eventually spoke to the Best Buy assistant manager Dave. He set up delivery for nine days later.

On the second delivery date, we never received a call to confirm our delivery schedule. We were skeptical. My husband called Best Buy and spoke to Becca. She told him that the store manager Mark would return his call to confirm delivery. He never called.

We eventually received the television, however, Best Buy’s “One Stop Shopping” failed.

Has anyone had a similar experience at Best Buy?

Great Customer Service – Michael Kors Towson Town Center

I love the Michael Kors store in Towson Town Center Mall in Towson, Maryland. It is located in Zone B, the west wing, on the second floor.

The store window lures shoppers, and once inside, the merchandising invites you to feel the clothing texture and try something on. You are tempted to examine the shoes, bags and watches that are displayed throughout along with the scarves, hats and gloves.


I am not a designer shopper, because the prices are steep for me. However, they have stylish clothing, good prices and great sales. I stopped in the Michael Kors store in June, because my daughter needed a dress for an event. She tried on a chiffon-black dress that was on sale. It had a boat neckline and the handkerchief hem set it apart. 

While she was trying on dresses, I browsed. I had shopped for a straw bag for years. Until that day, none appealed to me, and I finally found a straw bag that I loved. The price, however, was more than I wanted to spend, and  I had asked the attentive salesperson if she would call me when it went on sale. Sure enough, a month later, I received a call. The price was reduced considerably. Not only did they call me, another salesperson sent me a picture, because I couldn’t exactly remember what it looked like.  How many times has a salesperson followed up with you?

Please don’t tell my husband, but I bought it, because he believes that I have enough bags. Imagine that! Men!


Parking Permit for Rehobeth Beach Shopping

Every summer, I spend a day or two shopping with my daughter in the city of Rehobeth Beach, Delaware. I like the outlets, but I love shopping on Rehobeth Avenue. You may click on this link for more Rehobeth Beach shopping information.

Tickled Pink, the Lilly Pulitzer store, is our favorite. We also shop in Quiet Storm to buy shorts or a bathing suit for my son. My daughter usually buys a dress or two. At Carlton’s, we can find a Father’s Day gift for my husband. They sell traditional clothing like Vineyard Vines, Tommy Bahama, Patagonia and The North Face. You may click on this link to view their site.They offer apparel for men and women. We also stop in Crysti’s on Baltimore Avenue. They sell attractive and stylish women’s clothing. The sales people are knowledgeable and helpful.

Parking near Rehobeth Avenue has alway been a nightmare. Parking meters are in effect from the Friday before Memorial Day through the second Sunday after Labor Day. They must be fed from 10:00 a.m. to midnight. The charge is $1.50 per hour. They offer 3 hour parking. This link offers more detailed information about Rehobeth.

In the past, I have cut my shopping and dining time short because I was nervous about my meter expiring. The parking meter dictators watch the meters like vultures, and if you are a minute over, they are happy to write a $30.00 ticket.

The meters now accept credit cards. Previously, you had to beg the store keepers for change to feed the meters and chances are, they would not give it to you.

But this year, I did something different. I paid $8.00 for a daily parking permit. I was able to park in a residential area for the day. We shopped, relaxed and dined in Rehobeth Beach. It was better than worrying about feeding the meter. I will buy a parking pass on all future trips!