Upholstery Fabric Search in Baltimore


I plan to reupholster my living room sofas. I considered buying new sofas because the reupholstering cost is barely less than buying new. I visited some fabric shops to determine how long they would keep my sofas to cover them. I was told about 4-6 weeks. I could not give up my sofas that long (if i want to keep my husband).

I found a lady who will reupholster my sofas one at a time. She said that she will keep each sofa for about two weeks. Her price is much less than the fabric stores.This works for me.

I shopped for fabric in Mill End, Alexander Blank Fabrics and Calico Corners. In each shop I received wonderful customer service. In The Mill End, three ladies went through several books for about two hours to help me find what I wanted. No luck, but I really appreciated their great service. The Calico Corners’ ladies were helpful too. I worked with Jessica at Alexander Blank Fabrics. She even searched for fabric when I wasn’t there. I found fabric that I love thanks to Jessica.

During my search I learned a few tips. The first is, check the rub count for durability. The higher the count the longer it will last. Also, one hundred percent cotton is likely to fade in a sunny room, a blend is better. I will follow up with pictures of the finished sofas and information on my upholsterer.




2 thoughts on “Upholstery Fabric Search in Baltimore

  1. Good to know and I’m like you, prefer to have my stuff reupholstered. Did you consider our cousin, Carol Orlando? She does that – not to mention drapes, bed linen, the whole shabang!


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