Great Customer Service – Michael Kors Towson Town Center

I love the Michael Kors store in Towson Town Center Mall in Towson, Maryland. It is located in Zone B, the west wing, on the second floor.

The store window lures shoppers, and once inside, the merchandising invites you to feel the clothing texture and try something on. You are tempted to examine the shoes, bags and watches that are displayed throughout along with the scarves, hats and gloves.


I am not a designer shopper, because the prices are steep for me. However, they have stylish clothing, good prices and great sales. I stopped in the Michael Kors store in June, because my daughter needed a dress for an event. She tried on a chiffon-black dress that was on sale. It had a boat neckline and the handkerchief hem set it apart. 

While she was trying on dresses, I browsed. I had shopped for a straw bag for years. Until that day, none appealed to me, and I finally found a straw bag that I loved. The price, however, was more than I wanted to spend, and  I had asked the attentive salesperson if she would call me when it went on sale. Sure enough, a month later, I received a call. The price was reduced considerably. Not only did they call me, another salesperson sent me a picture, because I couldn’t exactly remember what it looked like.  How many times has a salesperson followed up with you?

Please don’t tell my husband, but I bought it, because he believes that I have enough bags. Imagine that! Men!



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