Experienced Veterinarian for Ocean City/Delaware Beaches

If you are in Ocean City, West Ocean City, Berlin, Fenwick Island, Bethany Beach, Ocean View, Dewey Beach or Rehobeth Beach and need an experienced veterinarian, I recommend Dr. Maniatty. He graduated from University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine. It is one of the top veterinarian schools in the country. Please click on this link to view his website. His Ocean City Animal Hospital address is 11843 Ocean Gateway in Ocean City, Maryland. He also has a new location in Ocean View, Delaware. Please click on this link to view his Ocean View, Delaware website.

Dr. Maniatty is knowledgeable, and I have complete confidence in him. He has a unique understanding and affection for animals.

Dr. Maniatty treated my dog three times. For the past three years when we moved to the beach, Bacchus, my giant dog, got a severe upset stomach. Dr. Maniatty treated him for a virus. He has treated many animals, during the summer, for viruses in his hospital. In Baltimore, my dog has a fenced yard and does not have many canine visitors. When we move to the beach, he is exposed to many dogs.

Three years ago, Bacchus became very ill after a week at the beach. He lost several pounds and would not eat. Dr. Maniatty put him on intravenous feeding for two days and nursed him back to health. He was sent home with medication and was healthy within a week.

In retrospect, I thought that his food made him ill. I left his food at the beach over the winter, and I thought that it spoiled. With that in mind, last year I replaced his food in the spring. Within a couple of weeks when we returned to the beach, he was sick. I couldn’t believe it! We visited Dr. Maniatty and he put Bacchus on intravenous feeding again. He was cured within a week to ten days.

This year, I replaced his food again. I am careful to keep him away from dogs. We visited Dr. Maniatty for hot spots, an ear infection and an upset stomach. Thank goodness, he is on the mend.

Next year, I will contact Dr. Maniatty in the spring to see if we can give him preventive care.

I guess you are wondering why I bring my dog to the beach. Bacchus is devoted to the family. I don’t think that he would do well without us. (Okay, I would not do well without him either.) If he was left, he would be stressed. He is a loyal dog (especially to me).

He gets upset when he sees a suitcase. He pants, and he will not leave us alone. If he is outside, he will not leave the car. He calms down as soon as he enters the car. He loves to ride in it. He is pretty smart to associate a suitcase with travel or separation. What do you think?

Does your pet experience stomach issues at the Maryland/Delaware beaches? I would love to know.


3 thoughts on “Experienced Veterinarian for Ocean City/Delaware Beaches

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  2. Hot spots, ear infection and upset stomach – it sounds immunological to me. From what you have stated, he leads a fairly sheltered life at home then is exposed to a lot of novel stuff when he goes down the shore. Given that he’s such a large (and handsome) dog, he would need to drink a lot. The foreign water probably just pushes that immune system over the edge. I would suggest giving him “a bit of the hair of the dog that bit you” so to speak and exposing him to more novelty throughout the year. And I’d stick to bottled water down there. You might speak to the vet about how to gently challenge his immune system so he does not get overloaded all at once when you move to the shore. Just my opinion……


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