Top Pick Best Hair Salon–Four Seasons near Federal Hill and Inner Harbor

Experienced stylists deliver precision cuts, easy hairstyles and shiny color at Four Seasons Hair Salon located at 1039 South Charles Street in Baltimore Maryland. Their phone number is (410) 234-1020. Four Seasons is near Inner Harbor and Federal Hill. It is one and a half blocks north of Cross Street Market. (Stay tuned for the Cross Street Market Blog.)

I drive from Northern Baltimore County to South Baltimore to get my hair styled. That says it all. Yes, I drive that far because it is worth it! Several customers travel a great distance to get the perfect hairstyle, cut or color. Your hair affects your entire look.

The professional hair designers at Four Seasons Hair Salon are amazing. I have seen incredible results produced by Brenda, Michelle, Kim, Linda and Joanne. Forrest, the shampoo person, gives the best scalp massages. She makes her customers totally relax.

I have patronized Joanne forever. I have gone to other hair stylists, for convenience, when my children were young. However, when they grew I returned to my favorite hair stylist. She does a meticulous job cutting and coloring my hair. I have medium length hair. If I am pressed for time, I don’t have to blow it dry. Often, I just run my fingers through it. To me, that is the perfect haircut.

Joanne has a great sense of humor! My hairstyles are named in her book. Some of her creations are summerdo, weddingdo, caymando, galado and penneydo. The penneydo is the most unique hair design. It is great for short hair. You should ask Jo about it.

My life history can be found in Joannes’s book. She knows more about my life, than I do. If I want to know what I was doing at a certain time, I ask Jo. We determine my activity by the silly hairstyle name. For example, I must have attended a formal event to have a galado.

Linda has also highlighted and cut my hair. I have always been very happy with the results. Linda has given me several lindaevansdos. That means that I had a Linda Evans haircut with highlights. She did an excellent job with the Linda Evans style. I looked exactly like her except for my face!

Linda Evans

Linda Evans

Brenda is one of my favorites. She is congenial and always makes me laugh! Multi-talented Brenda is an exceptional stylist, and she also performs waxing services.

Kim and Michele are experienced cut, color and highlight specialists. No matter which stylist you choose, you can’t go wrong. The proof is the distance that customers are willing to travel to patronize the Four Seasons stylists.

The hair stylists at Four Seasons make their customers feel welcome. We catch up on the latest news and learn who has visited recently. You never know whom you might see. You would be surprised at their clientele. Many customers who have moved away return to Four Seasons for a hair cut when they are in Baltimore. Their customers are very loyal.

Customers can enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of wine while chatting and getting the perfect haircut. What could be better than that? Another bonus, Four Seasons is a two-minute walk from Cross Street Market. You can enjoy a delicious lunch, and then buy what you need for dinner! It is a win- win situation!

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