Latest News on Route 54 Construction

This is an update on Route 54 construction.  I spoke to Mark Harbeson, who is in charge. He said: “The goal is to get out by Memorial Day next  year. Better to have one rough summer than continue into next summer.” He also said that the contractor has worked to move things up like building the retaining wall early.

The purpose of the construction is to build a center lane for traffic turning left. They are also building side walks and bike lanes. They don’t want to stop in the summer because they will lose 3 months. They can’t pave in the winter because the road will fall part easier. Also, weather is a factor,

The construction will continue from 7:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Monday – Thursday. They will not shut down a lane on Fridays. There will be no work on weekends or holidays. 

I asked him about working at night. He said that they would have to send a survey to the homeowners who would be affected by the noise. I thought that the homeowners might grant  permission since they are also affected by the construction traffic.  He said that they might consider sending one out.
He assured me that they were watching the traffic patterns closely and would make changes if  needed.

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