Just Hooked On A New Seafood Restaurant In Fenwick

I am Just Hooked on a new restaurant in Fenwick Island, Delaware. The restaurant is located at 1500 coastal Highway.

They serve lunch and dinner. You can find appetizers, soup, salads, sandwiches and burgers on their lunch menu. Their dinner menu features seafood, but it also includes chicken and steak.

Just Hooked is light and airy with a relaxed atmosphere. The food is fresh and flavorful. They advertise local ingredients.

They have a comfortable bar in the center of the restaurant and an open kitchen.

I had fresh grilled asparagus salad for an appetizer. It had shallots, roasted tomato and bacon balsamic vinaigrette. The asparagus was slightly firm and grilled perfectly. I also enjoyed the fresh grilled tuna which was served over arugula, tomato and red onion. My husband and I split key lime pie for dessert. The graham cracker crust was sweet and slightly crunchy, and the custard had a delicious sweet and tart flavor. We loved it. (I could have easily eaten the entire dessert by myself.)

My daughter enjoyed the corn and jalapeño crab bisque and the mussels with bok choy and lemongrass. She also had the soft crab special. The soft crabs were fresh and flavorful.

My son ordered clams with pancetta. spinach, capers and white wine sauce for an appetizer. He also had the jumbo lump crab cakes. They were served with apple slaw and crème fraîche. My children split the strawberry and basil buckle for dessert. It was served warm over vanilla ice cream.

I highly recommend Just Hooked. The food is delicious, and it is reasonably priced!


4 thoughts on “Just Hooked On A New Seafood Restaurant In Fenwick

  1. alex hamilton says:

    dorothy , sorry to disagree with you about the crab bisques soup, but i found it watery, lacking flavor and on the cold side. The center club’s crab soup is far superior


  2. John C. Nason says:

    Betsy and I were there last week and loved it! A great addition to the Fenwick Island dining scene. Now all we need is a good sushi bar in Fenwick!


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