Can A Trip To The Dentist Be Fun And A Good Customer Experience?


Do you dread the dentist like fingernails on a chalkboard? Does your heart palpitate at the thought of sitting in a dental chair?

Have you ever had fun at the dentist? I have! I go to Page Family Dentistry on Loch Raven Boulevard near Joppa Road. It is a family business, and they care about their customers. They treat their patients like friends.

I have been a patient of  Dr. Page for 17 years. The atmosphere is relaxed but professional. The staff has a great sense of humor, and they usually make me laugh. Have you ever been entertained at your dental office?

More importantly,  Dr. Page has taken care of my children’s teeth since they were old enough to visit a dentist. The staff makes every effort to put children at ease and make it fun. Joy, one of the dental assistants, has a special gift for making the children relax. (She even makes me relax.) Patients can watch television during their checkup. Children are able to spin the wheel at the end of their visit to receive a special prize. My children loved this part.

Photos of their young patients are mounted in the waiting area. My children loved to find their pictures with each visit. It was fun to see how they changed every six months.

Dr. Page moved my children’s teeth without heavy metal braces. They wore a retainer when they were young to make extra room for their teeth. Today, they have beautiful smiles.

Gail, the receptionist is helpful and patient with appointments and billing questions. Susan, my dental hygienist, always asks about my family. I  catch up on her 3 children too.

I am not wild about drills. However, I lost a filling last year. Dr. Page fit me into the schedule immediately. He filled my tooth with minimal discomfort. He was  conscientious that I remained comfortable. I was conscious of my comfort level too!

Over the past 17 years, I have never had to wait long for an appointment. They must be really organized, or I have good timing. If I had to wait, it would not be a problem. There is plenty to read, or I could watch television.

If you live in the Baltimore area, and you are nervous about a dental visit, this could be the place for you!

I brag that it is fun to go to my dentist at Page Family Dentistry. Can you say that about your dentist?



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