I am pleasantly surprised when I receive great customer service.  This is a blog about  dining, travel and my customer service experiences in the Maryland/Delaware  area.  

Kudos to the businesses that care about us,  however,  I hope that some of the local business owners wake up!

Have you ever been ignored by store personnel and left the store?  I am amazed that in this economy, companies aren’t more customer oriented. What do you think?

Should The Department Of Transportation repair roads  that lead into crowded resorts during the summer?  These repairs can cause major delays,  frustration and  affect tourism.  Untimely road construction can guarantee a poor customer experience . What are your thoughts?



  1. Cheryl says:

    I have recently had a positive experience with the retailer Jos Banks. I walked in the store, had 2 sales people wait on me, and subsequently spent plenty of money because of the good sale and the service. My son ripped one of the shirts the first time he wore it. They replaced it no questions asked. ( he said he didn’t play LAX in it, but I ‘m not sure! I will do all my men’s shopping at Jos Banks.


  2. maryfrances says:

    We own a townhouse in the River Run golf community in Berlin, MD. Our A/C was out and it was the Memorial Day holiday weekend. I had an appointment set up with a local company, Arctic Heating and Air Conditioning on Thursday 5/26. They were prompt and courteous. After giving me the estimate to replace my HVAC system (I had already decided to go this route vs replacing a compressor), I mentioned that I had an elderly relative on his way to our house and I was worried about the heat. At that time, the temperature was in the high 90’s. The Arctic rep then told me not to worry that they would either replace my unit with a loaner or provide me with window air conditioning units. The next day, Friday afternoon on a holiday weekend, two Arctic employees showed up to change out my unit.

    The funny thing was I couldn’t understand why my neighbors had their windows open the entire weekend as it was really hot. We found out later that their unit had been out since May 19 and they were under contract with another HVAC company. I’ll try to find out the name of the company. They had to purchase a standing a/c unit to survive the heat.


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